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Navigating Youth HockeyCompetitive ice hockey is fraught with decisions for parents and players alike. Whether you’re looking for advice on selecting the best team for your seven-year-old, figuring out how to get the best exposure for a burgeoning talent, or wondering what the odds are of going all they way, this book is written by a dad with three sons who have enjoyed hockey for over 15 years. From “house” teams to the NHL Entry Draft, Ron Levi kept notes of the many choices his family faced over the years and put them all together in this eBook for parents and players alike who may be facing some of the same choices for the first time.

If you ever wished someone would make the confusing world of youth hockey a little easier, this book is your wish come true. The Amazon eBook release date is 4/25/15 and is available for pre-order now.

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Free e-book until Monday

Navigating Youth Hockey: The Definitive Guide for Players and Parents is available for free beginning today, Black Friday, until Monday, 11/30, on Amazon. E-reader apps are also free to download for every device – phone, tablet, etc. Don’t miss this chance to download a great resource before it goes back to the normal price.

The best hockey advice book for parents and players in America
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Number One on Hockey Books List!

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Navigating Youth Hockey: The Definitive Guide for Parents and Players has been voted number 1 on the GoodReads Hockey Books list. Thanks to all who voted! Practical advice for American parents and players is getting excellent reviews.  If you are playing youth hockey in the U.S. or have child or family member in the game here, this book is a must-read. At only $4.99 the eBook is packed with knowledge gained over 15 years and absent of all the fluff and hype. It’s only available from and eBook readers are free to download for every device if you don’t have a Kindle.

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Book Reviews – Hockey Dad

A great review of my book, Navigating Youth Hockey, was posted today. This is why I took the time to compose and publish the book – to help other parents make sense of a wonderful game that is so complex in it implications for young athletes.  If you’ve read the book and can recommend it to others, please post a review like Brian did on Amazon.  I’ll be sure to give you credit here and extend a personal note of thanks.  Here’s the link to Brian’s review.

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Free Downloads Today and Tomorrow

For two days only, Navigating Youth Hockey: The Definitive Guide for Parents and Players, can be downloaded for free!  Download a free eReader if you don’t already have one and get the book before it goes back to the normal price of $4.99 on Tuesday.

The best hockey advice book for parents and players in AmericaThere are a few sources for information on the whole hockey process, but this is one of very few which focuses on the unique challenges and decisions facing American parents and players.  Whether  your child is just getting started, or you’ve been playing for a while, if your goal is to play at the highest levels, this book is a concise road map that will help you define your goals and strategy to get there.

The Definitive Guide for Hockey Parents and Players

Only two more days before my new book is released by Amazon. Navigating Youth Hockey is available for pre-order now. I hope that parents of youngsters who are currently playing as well as bantam and midget-aged players find this book particularly helpful – that’s who it’s written for.

I answer many common questions as well as a few which may be less so.  What’s the best way to get started? House or Travel?  Does my son have to play AAA hockey to be noticed by colleges and junior teams? What are the dos and don’ts of NCAA eligibility? When should we consult a family adviser or players agent? How can I win a spot on one of the NTDP teams? How important are the CHL (Major Junior) drafts? How important are the NHL Central Scouting rankings? What is the NHL Entry Draft like from a player and parent’s perspective? All of these and many other topics are addressed. Navigating Youth Hockey

Parents of players who have aged out and already moved on past Juniors may find themselves nodding in agreement, but there aren’t many anecdotal stories and narratives here (that’s my next book). This one is more about making the best choices based on your own interests and priorities. I invite  you to join my mailing list for notifications of promotions, discounts and new project announcements. Thanks so much for your interest, good luck with your hockey ambitions, and I hope to see you at the rink some day.

College Hockey Scholarships Guaranteed

Most experts will tell you there’s no surefire way to guarantee your child will be offered an athletic scholarship, but my book will show you how to get college paid for in advance.

In only 3 days, Navigating Youth Hockey: The Definitive Guide for Parents and Players will be released on  If you don’t have a Kindle, there are free e-readers available for every platform. Download the free app for Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android today if you haven’t already.  I’ll be announcing a special promotion for a short time immediately following the release date, so get your app and be ready to read one of the most useful books ever written for aspiring hockey players and their families. The release date is Saturday, 4/25/15, and available to pre-order now.

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